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About The Center

The main purpose of the Center for Nonlinear Science is to contribute to establish a bridge between Physics and Biology and to move from there to Sociology and Psychology. CNS is working on a form of spontaneous organization generating crucial events with a form of complexity that fits very well the observation of the dynamics of the brain and physiological processes. This spontaneous form of organization is called Self-Organized Temporal Complexity. The sociological application of this theoretical approach shows that the bottom up approach to SOTC is resilient while the conventional processes of phase transitions, based on the special tuning of a control parameter, are not. Recent examples of CNS use of SOTC include understanding cognition and the therapeutic use of music and meditation.

More information can be found on Dr. Grigolini's ResearchGate page at https://www.researchgate.net/lab/Paolo-Grigolinis-Center-for-nonlinear-science-Paolo-Grigolini.